Preformed Curved Corners for Drywall

Our Preformed Curved– Corners for Drywall are the simplest and fastest way to produce smooth, tight radius corners in drywall. These curved drywall panels are produced using proprietary technology for curved sandwich panels. Simply screw to the framing, tape and finish the seams with the rest of the drywall. No more time lost trying to bend drywall onsite.

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Why should you go with the curve?


Installation of our Preformed Curved Drywall panel is exactly like drywall. Screw in place, tape, mud, sand, then paint.


Save time (and money) by using prefabricated panels instead of trying to bend drywall manually.


You can select from our pre-made selections or have custom curved drywall panels produced to your exact dimensions.


We can implement multiple radius and sections into our Preformed Curved Drywall Panels to save you time on the jobsite

Museum Capabilities

Museums all across the world feature our custom curved drywall panels.

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Architectural Panels

Our architectural panels are used in a wide variety of custom installations in public buildings like casinos, restaurants, offices, and hotels.

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