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Custom Products- Preformed Curved Drywall

Don’t see the perfect product for your needs? We can produce custom panels that will match your exact specifications. We can often integrate multiple curves into a single panel. This saves installation and finishing time

Description – Whatever you want! If you need any of our standard products in a different radius, length or thickness, just ask. Plus any kind of one-off – Clouds, Light troughs, decorative ceiling features, elliptical columns, off-angles, Mickey Mouse face… If you can draw it, we’ll make it!

Main uses – Commercial, hospitality, retail

Sizes – Whatever you want!

Product Details


– Curved Tile!

– Off angle corner. As long as you can tell us what the angle is, we’ll make a corner to match

– Architect got a little crazy with a curvy cloud? Send us drawings and we’ll make it for you (and probably save a bunch of framing)

– Just want something cool looking? Send us a sketch. We’ll help you figure it out!

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