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Tired of the look of Flat top Kneewall or stair partition wall?  One of our customers, Schmid and Rhodes in Tennesee, asked us to help them create a roundtop wall cap for one of their custom projects.  The challenge was, how do you bend drywall around a 2 x 4?  Tight radius are always a challenge but the special techniques developed by Modern Curved Soutions were up to the task and created a preformed curved drywall piece that fits over a standard 2x4. These 8 ft sections of Bullnose wrap around the framed wall and easily screw in place. Now it would have been easy to miter the corner but we're all about the curves!  So we used our curved panels to make a compound curved drywall endcap to sweep the curve profile around the corner.

Thanks to Rocky and the great team at Schmid and Rhodes for the opportunity to help with this fun Project!

How to Curve Drywall around a 2 x4      Preformed Curved Drywall Compound Curve

What size Cove Ceiling is possible? We get asked regularly what sizes of Cove Ceiling Panels do you offer, so we started a collection. Currently we offer Curve Radius as small as 1" and as large as 24" in a single Panel. We can go much larger with a 2 panel construction.  The picture below shows a range of panels from 1" to 14" Radius as a comparison. Single story rooms of ceilings of 10 ft or less, typically call for a curve radius between 4" and 8". Larger Rooms or Ceiling Heights higher than 10 ft often specify Curve Radius from 12" to 24". We can offer a wide range of solutions for your Curved Drywall Project. These Panels screw in place on the existing framing and finish like the rest of the drywall.