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We had an opportunity recently to create a unique Curved Panel System for a Premier Hotel in Chicago. This will be a focal point in one of their main BallRoom's. The Contractor asked if we could provide a kit to assemble a 10 ft Diameter Round Soffit with a 9in Panel Radius. The preformed curved panels allow the assembly of the complete dome in less than 5 minutes. Screw the panels together, Tape, Mud, and Paint and the feature is complete in a fraction of the time it would take to build by hand or use curved framing kits.  To see how easy it is Check out this YouTube link    



Completing the Butt Joint where 2 of the Preformed Curved Drywall Panels come together is simple. In addition to fastening the panels to a stud, every 16", use some simple blocking to support the middle of the curve. Use a block a minimum of 6" Wide to straddle the span and insert a screw through each panel into the blocking. The block can be free floating and it is not necessary to tie back to the wall or ceiling framing. Install sufficient blocking to allow a fastener every 4" through the curve area. The seam can then be taped and finished.