We've encountered several situations where there can be limited headroom clearance coming up a staircase. This makes people duck, limits the ability to get large items to the upper floor and just creates a crowded feel for the space.  Generating the headroom to meet ergonomic and code requirements can drive a lot of cost and change to the building design Here is an idea that we've seen recently in some home designs that offer a great solution.



Using a Curved Wall Accent in that troublesome area at the top of the staircase is a simple solution on paper but how do you actually build it efficiently?  Our Preformed Curved Drywall Panels are a great way to install this feature without having to bend drywall. Large radius can be difficult to try and bend or kerf but our Curved Drywall just screws in place without the need to install any curved framing like you often see in many archway and ceiling installations of curved panel designs.



How to build a Cove Soffit that has multiple curves? We do a lot of Projects using our preformed curved soffits to build light coves and add cove ceilings. How do you build Coves that snake around a room? Bending drywall in one plane is tough but having a curve snake around is a lot bigger challenge. Here is a recent solution that we did for a premier retail store in New York City. This soffit snaked around more than 40 ft. and through 4 different radius' in plan view. These preformed panels matched the curve and install quickly.  We also created the curved walls to go with the curved soffit. We were able to erect the walls and create the soffit as shown in the picture in less than 30 minutes. Installation on the site is similar. If you have a complex curved wall or ceiling system contact us today!