Save Monely on Interior Column Wraps

A lot of time and money can be saved by properly framing for preformed Round Column Covers. Our Column Wraps are preformed to the required radius and are extremely rigid. For diameters of 12 in or less, we suggest that vertical studs be used only at the seams. Create a double vertical stud that splits the seam resulting in one stud being under each half of the seam. For a diameter larger than 12 inches we suggest that an additional stud be utilized every 90 degrees (half way around between the seams). Using the preformed curved column wrap saves money by not having to bend drywall but also by eliminating the time and material expense to create the complex subwall that has often been used. In this example utilizing the preformed Column Wrap eliminated as many as 28 of the long studs and eliminated more than 50 of the short studs. A big impact  on the material and installation costs