Wall Arch Kit for Recessed Wall Shelf


A Recessed Shelf is a great little design detail that can customize a wall and allow you to showcase a picture or heirloom without the shelf sticking out into the traffic area. A square shelf box can be made but there isn't much style to that.  Our preformed curved arch kit is a great solution that can be installed by a homeowner or save a build a lot of time. These are made to fit between standard 16 inch on Center wall studs. Just locate the studs in your wall, trace the inside of the curve on the wall, cut out your opening, screw the preformed curved panel in place, install regular drywall down from the curved panel and as the bottom of the opening, tape, mud, paint and you're done! No trying to bend drywall. You can add some sizzle to your shelf design by tiling the back wall or using wood or metal as the floor of the shelf.  The Wall Arch kit can be ordered on Amazon (SKU 8Q-KAMU-F5AA) or directly from us.