How do you add a Cove ceiling into an existing room?


Cove Ceilings are a great architectural detail to add character to a room. They accent diverse architectural styles from traditional farm house to extremely modern Malibu. First Step is to cut the existing drywall out of the corner of the room to create space for the new cove. That's pretty easy but now what?  Historically these were constructed using complex and time consuming plaster methods using a combination of wire mesh and lath and then a lot of mudding and sanding. A lot of labor by specialized skills. This gave way to techniques using creation of a lot of curved framing and then forcing a couple of sheets of flexible drywall in place. Sure would save a lot of time if you didn't have to build all this framing to create a beautiful cove ceiling. Modern Curved Solutions has the answer!



The Pre-formed Cove Ceiling Panels from Modern Curved Solutions are a great way to save all this framing and get a beautiful result. Here are some Instructions how to complete a Cove Ceiling Installation in an existing room using preformed cove ceiling panels.



As you can see, Installation and saves all the extra framing that has been traditionally used, Good Luck with you next Project!